Maria Teresa Sottile is an Italian goldsmith and jewelery designer, based in Florence. She has been practicing this time-honored, artisan craft for almost twenty years with a versatile sensibility, and transitions easily from traditional to modern idioms. A glance at her portfolio demonstrates a continuous collaboration with fashion designers to explore new trends and push the boundaries of accessories. Whether working in silver or gold, her designs often feature semi-precious or precious stones, and emphasize the natural, rough-hewn beauty of precious metals and gems. Her jewelry can be found in the most important boutiques in Italy and is collected by an international clientele.


Design Maria Teresa Sottile e Andrea Salvini

Inspired by the rippling surface of water as seen from underneath, UNDERWATER is a new piece of jewelry in collaboration with New York based Italian designer Andrea Salvini. UNDERWATER is now available in silver and is part of a complete art project, complemented by a video.